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Breath Analyser with Inbuilt Printer AT8900

AT8900 Alcohol Breath Analyser with built-in,detachable and Standalone Printer Feature: Electrochemical (fuel cell) sensor, good reliability and accuracy 2.83 inch OLED screen Simplify keyboard with touch panel Sensor module changeable Intelligent input methods, more concise. Real time and temperature indication

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Breath Analyser with Printer AT8100

AT8100 is an advanced portable Breath Alcohol Tester. Its core component adopts new Electrochemical Sensor which can measure accurately concentration of the breath alcohol, with strong anti-interface ability. AT8100 has compact keyboard and menu operation. The admirable human-device interface makes

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Breath Analyser with Inbuilt Printer A600

Sensor Fuel Cell Main Features Active  and Passive Display 3.2 Inch touch screen Data Storage 30,000 results measurement range 0-550mg/100ml Printer In-built thermal printer Alarm Red,yellow,green,alarm limit can be adjusted Battery rechargeable Lion battery Battery life Up to 1,000 times

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Wall Mounted Breath Analyser AT309

Feature Suitable for bar, or restaurant, hotel, disco etc public places Fuel cell sensor, sensor module replaceable Operated by disposable straw Straw box for 200pcs straws one time Other language panel offered Audio and Light warning method Test result with

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Breath Analyser Quick Check MAT10

Technical Specification. Measurement Mode:Fast Screening, Automatic Extraction Measurement Range:  0-100mg/ 100mlBAC Measurement Time: Adjustable, Minimum 1 Second Continuous Measurement Time :2000 times Display : Figure and Graph Alarm :Red LED Indication alarm limit adjustable Battery : Li-Ion Sensor :  Fuel

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