Breath Analyser with Printer AT8100


Alcohol-Breath-Analyser-with-PrinterAT8100 is an advanced portable Breath Alcohol Tester. Its core component adopts new Electrochemical Sensor which can measure accurately concentration of the breath alcohol, with strong anti-interface ability. AT8100 has compact keyboard and menu operation. The admirable human-device interface makes operation more concise and convenient, the color LCD makes interface more clear and beautiful. It also has wireless printing function, one-off anti-return mouthpiece ensures the health and safety of users.

Main functions and futures:

  • Adopt advanced 16 bit low power consumption MCU
  • Electrochemical sensor, good reliability and accuracy
  • Color LCD indication
  • Passive test function
  • Wireless printing function
  • Real time and temperature indication
  • Two level audible and visible alarm indication
  • Low battery automatic power off function
  • Blowing interruption and testing rejection function
  • Unit and alarming level adjustable
  • History record checking
  • 2000 memory records, including test time, result and types of result
  • Testing data upload to PC function
  • Password management, important operation requires verification of password
  • Short warm-up time, fast response and resume
  • Adopt anti-return mouthpiece for health and safe

Technical specifications:

  • Sensor type: Electrochemical sensor
  • Test Range: 0.0002.000mg/l (0.40%B.A.C, 4.0B.A.C, 4.0g/l)
  • Pass level: 0.090mg/L (could be modified)
  • Fail level: 0.250 mg/L (could be modified)
  • Work temperature: -1050
  • Work humidity: 95%RH No Dews
  • Battery: 2AA NiMH batteries, rating capacity: 2.1AH
  • 31mm
  • Weight about 120gexcluding battery
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