Quick Check Alcohol Breath Analyser MAT180


Breath Analyser Quick Check MT180

These devices are designed for fast and efficient testing of alcohol consumption in the human body.

Typically, quick check alcohol breath analyzers share common features such as:

  1. Rapid Results: These devices are designed to provide quick and immediate results, allowing for on-the-spot testing.
  2. Portability: Quick check models are often compact and portable, making them convenient for use in various settings, including events, workplaces, or law enforcement scenarios.
  3. User-Friendly Operation: They usually come with straightforward user interfaces, ensuring ease of use for individuals without specialized training.
  4. Digital Readouts: Most modern breath analyzers provide digital readings of blood alcohol content (BAC) or alcohol concentration in the breath.
  5. Alert Systems: Some models may include alert systems to indicate different levels of alcohol concentration, promoting safety and awareness.
SensorFuel Cell
Main FeaturesScan mode
Display1.29 Inch OLED display
measurment range0-100mg/100ml
AlarmRed,yellow,green LED light indication,alarm limit can be adjusted
Battery rechargeable Lion battery
Measurment  timeMinimum 1 second,adjustable
LEDHigh brightness Blinker light
Download to PCYES
MouthpieceNo Need
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