Car Steering Lock CSL-165


Car-Steering-Lock-CSL-165Product Specification
1.Disablessteering system Locks onto your steering wheel making it impossible to turn. Even if thief starts your car,he can’t drive it away.
2. Easily installs in seconds just reach for it ,place it on the steering wheel and push button to lock
3. Universal–fits most vehicles Designed to fit most cars,even cars with with dreber,side airbags
4. Unique security cylinder-key lock design Its key design is almost impossible to duplicate. Lock tumblers are virtually pick-proof
5. Heavy duth locking mechanism Easy to set .no need for key. Just close L-latch to set for tough and rugged lock.
6. Hi-visibility theft deterrence While it protects,it’s clearly seen through
7. No false alarms Nobody pays attention to electric false alarm, but the armoredbar is for always working
8. Compact size and for tough tempered seel construction Don’t worry about scratching or marring car’s interior.
9. Sure-grip yellow vinyl handle Helps make installation easier,protects car interior,and is bright yellow for high visibility. Item specifications: Color: Black+Yellow Size: approx 355x80x65 mm(13.98×3.15×2.56 inch) Bar Length approx. 13″ Weight: 813g Package Included: 1x CAR WHEEL LOCK 2x Key

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