Breath Analyser with Inbuilt Printer FIT333P

1. Display: Color 3.2″ TFT LCD whit touch screen with graphic waveform (as oscilloscope)
2. Navigating key input: Navigating key input with Touch Panel
3. Quick and precise analysis: Ensure a high sensitivity to alcohol and stable & reliable working life.
4. Easy to read: Waveform graphic display and make the analyzer more fancy and clear
5. Data download: PC down via standard RS232
6. Mouthpiece: Easy to replace a new mouthpiece by pressing a key
7. Power Supply: Rechargeable AA battery (about 2500mAh)
8. Heat warm up: Chamber & Sensor warm up automatically
9. Auto flow monitoring: Flow detect automatically
10. Display range: 0~0.4% BAC or 0~4.0%o BAC or 0~2.0mg/l
11. Storage environment: -40 Degree C to +85 Degree C.
12. Temperature Range: From -20â„ to +70, (-20 Degree C to +40 Degree C for optimum operation)
13. Memories: Min. 10,000-18,000 memories with full information:- Drive name, vehicle no., inspector name, test result with time stamp, date and time, location, instrument no., Calibration date, test no. etc¦
14. Measurement precision: Standard deviation +/€“0.025 mg/L or +/€“5 % of the measurement
Drift: typically < 0.8 % of the measurement value/month
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