Quick Check Breath Analyser Model AT7000


Breath Analyser Quick Check AT7000

In the fast-paced world of safety, the AT7000 stands as a beacon of efficiency and precision. Engineered as the ultimate Quick Check Alcohol Breath Analyser, this model redefines the landscape of rapid and reliable alcohol level assessments.

Swift and Precise: The AT7000 boasts lightning-fast testing capabilities, providing instant results for on-the-spot alcohol level assessments. In a matter of seconds, individuals, safety officers, or event organizers can make informed decisions, ensuring a swift response to varying alcohol concentrations.

Portable Powerhouse: Compact and portable, the AT7000 is designed for those on the move. Whether you’re at events, in workplaces, or conducting roadside checks, this Quick Check model is your reliable companion. Its user-friendly interface ensures ease of operation for professionals and individuals alike.

Digital Clarity: Precision is paramount, and the AT7000 delivers with digital readings of blood alcohol content (BAC). The clear and accurate results empower users with the information needed to maintain safety standards.

Enhanced Safety Awareness: Equipped with an alert system, the AT7000 signals different alcohol concentration levels, enhancing safety awareness and promoting responsible practices.


  • No need to warm-up, rapid test, result within 1 second

  • No need for mouthpieces, clean and hygiene

  • Fuel cell sensor

  • Dot-Matrix colorful LCD

  • Matrix  red  and  green  light corresponds  to  different  results

  • Flashlight  helps  in  midnight

  • Dolphin  shape  design

Technical parameters

Testing range: 0-2mg/l, 0-0.4% BAC,
Alarming: can be customized
Working temperature and humidity:
0-500C, less than
95%RH No Dews
Battery: 4*AAA
Dimension: 284mm*69mm*74mm
Weight: 400g
Certificate: CE, RoHS

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