Audio Video Transmitter AV-200M


Audio-Video-Transmitter-200-Meter-AV-200MAudio Video Transmitter up to 200M
This product is for personal and professional use. The product is absolutely new and in working condition.


Product Description:

  • It adopts an advanced 5.8GHz wireless transmission scheme and has the advantages of a long transmission range, strong anti-interference and high mobility.
  • The product consists of a transmitter and a receiver.
  • It can transmit AV signals of DVD, DVR, CCD camera, IPTV, satellite STB, digital TV STB and other similar devices, by means of radio waves and receive them at distant end and input them to a TV set to be displayed.
  • It enables you to easily realize wireless sharing of HD AV data and enjoy untrammeled hi-fi audio and visual effects.

Function and Features:

  • Use 5.8GHz ISM frequency band
  • Support 4 groups of channels. You can select these channels to avoid interference from signals of a wireless router, etc
  • Wireless transmission ? 200M(depends on the environment).
  • The transmitter and the receiver are used in the same channel in a pair and can be used in the modes of point-to-multipoint or multipoint-to-multipoint
  • Compatible with DVD, DVR, CCD camera, IPTV, satellite STB, digital TV STB and other AV output devices
  • Images received by means of radio are vivid and stable, the color is flamboyant, and the sound is clear
  • Supports video transmission of PAL/NTSC system and stereo audio transmission.
  • Fully hardware-designed. There is no need to install software. Plug and play. Simple and convenient.


  • 10cm/3.94″ (L) ×8.5cm/3.35″ (W) ×3.0cm/1.18″(H).
  • 5.8GHz module is CE & FCC certificated. Wireless application is safe and reliable.


1. A/V Input Port: RCA
2. Video Input Level: 1Vp-p (PAL/NTSC)
3. Audio Input Level: 1Vp-p (dual channel)
4. Carrier frequency: 38 KHz


1. Sensitivity: -90dBm
2. A/V Output Ports: RCA
3. Video Output Level: 1Vp-p (PAL/NTSC)
4. Audio Output Level: 1Vp-p (Stereo)
5. Carrier frequency: 38 KHz


It transmit AV signals by means of radio waves and can be used for wireless sharing of AV signals of DVD,DVR,CCD camera,IPTV,satellite STB,digital TV STB and other AV devices of several TV sets
Wireless AV transmission solutions are suitable for large video meeting systems and multimedia class rooms
With an external CCD camera, it can realize real-time field image monitoring in applications such as security system
It can also be used in AV transmission applications where the AV cabling is difficult or expensive

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