Alcohol Breath Analyzer With Keypad And Touch Screen Model A65



Step into the future of safety technology with the A65 Alcohol Breath Analyser – your trusted companion for accurate and on-the-go alcohol level assessments. Packed with cutting-edge features, the A65 seamlessly combines precision, portability, and user-friendly design.

Key Features:

High-Precision Sensor: The A65 is equipped with an advanced sensor for precise alcohol level readings, ensuring reliable results in every test.

Compact and Portable: Designed with mobility in mind, the A65 is compact and lightweight. Carry it effortlessly to events, workplaces, or conduct tests on-the-fly.

Digital Display: The clear digital display provides instant and easy-to-read results, making the A65 accessible for users of all levels of expertise.

Long-lasting Battery: Enjoy extended usage with the A65’s efficient power management. Conduct numerous tests on a single charge, promoting uninterrupted safety assessments.

User-Friendly Operation: The A65 is crafted with a simple interface, making it easy to operate for professionals and individuals alike.

Elevate Safety Standards: Incorporate the A65 into your safety protocols and experience the convenience of accurate alcohol level assessments wherever you go. Whether you’re a safety officer, event organizer, or simply prioritizing responsible drinking, the A65 is your go-to solution.

Technical Specification:

Devices:Measurement mode

Measurement Range (BAC)


Range (0-88)mg/100ml

Range (88-220)mg/100ml

Range      >220 mg/100ml

Measurement Range (BrAC)


Range  (0.00-0.40) mg/L

Range  (0.40–1.00) mg/L

Range       >1.00 mg/L


Operation Temperature Range:

Storage Temperature Range:

Best Temperature for stock (sensor):

Condition pressure:

Condition humidity

Min Volume:


Measurement time for one charge:

Dimension (LxWxH):


Active and Passive Mode

(0-550)mg/100ml BAC

± 4.4 mg/100ml

± 5 %  absolute

± 20 % absolute

(0-2.5)mg/L BrAC

± 0.020 mg/L

± 5 %  absolute

± 20 % absolute

– 5  °C – +50 °C

– 30 °C – +70 °C

0  °C – +25 °C

600- 1400 hPa

20 – 98 % r.h.

1.0 L

3.7V ,2200mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery

More than 3000 times testing

201 mm x 57 mm x 64 mm

200g include batte

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