30LACS VOLT STUN GUN

High Voltage Current Stun Gun: 3000KV volts current stun gun will stop someone dead in their tracks and put them on the ground. No other stun gun has this kind of knock down power. It has LED light for display.  When this light is turned on, it will flash brightly and rapidly. Use to attract attention, especially at night. Can be useful during an attack or other emergency situations such as car trouble..etc.

                             30lacs stun gun               

High Voltage Current Stun Gun: 3000KV volt stun gunBuilt in Led Flashlight, Super LED flash light ,save energy more durable, Chargeable,build in heavy duty rechargeable batteries. Newest design good outlook. It looks like an ordinary flashlight,also is a good choice for self defense.Dimensions: 170 x 58 x 31mm.

                                      2200Kv stun gun                                    

High Voltage Current Stun Gun: Supervoltage self-defensive flashlight cell phone stun gun: Output pulse voltage: 2200KV, strong illumination, stun gun, LED flashlight and colorful flash lamp, color: black and gold This self-defensive Stun gun has several special functions such as high voltage electric shock and strong illumination. Size: 2.5*5*11cm

     1200Kv stun gun

High Voltage Current Stun Gun : self-defensive flashlight cell phone stun gun: Output pulse voltage: 1200KV, strong illumination, stun gun, LED flashlight, color: black and gold This self-defensive Stun gun has several special functions such as high voltage electric shock and strong illumination. Size:110mm * 50 mm * 22mm

                      Electric Stun Baton

Stun Baton with Loud Siren: 1 feet long 25 lacs volt high electric voltage, Exquisite fine carries conveniently, charging time:8 hours, Size specification: 35*50*330mm, Loud alarm and super flash light


       25lacs stun baton

Stun Baton with Loud Siren: 25lacs volt stun baton with flash ligh funtion and 120db loud siren function.Built in rechargeable batteries with 34cm long.

steel baton

Steel Baton:The telescopic steel baton comes with a padded Handle for easy gripping and a free heavy-duty nylon holster with belt loop for easy carrying. If you are looking for effective self-defense with extra reach, the expandable steel baton is it.  Expandable batons fit perfect in your boot or next to you in your car. If a bad guy wants to make trouble, youll have something for them. Collapsible batons can be easily hidden and quickly extended for Immediate use. 



Chilli Defense Spray: contains natural chilli concentrate which is about 20 times stronger than chilli. It is under pressure in the aerosol can with a carrier and a propellant. When sprayed, the mixture comes out with pressure and the range is above 6 feet. It instantly but temporarily swells mucus membrane and irritates eyes of the attacker, inspecting him, giving you enough time to run away or call for help. The effect remains for minimum 25-30 mins. It also works on drunk or mentally unstable person. It can also be used on an attacking animal. It is legal to use in India for Self Defense. No other purpose is allowed. Click & Check Demo.


Electric Shock Flexible Baton: Electric Shock Flexible Baton is inbuilt with the features of rechargeable battery pack, Charger included, 120db personal alarm, built in light, safety switch, 21.5 inches long extended, 13 inches long retracted including free holster, weight 750 gm

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